What Does St Valentines Day Mean To You?

Love is in the air!

Little is really known about the origins of St Valentines Day (February 14th).  There are several versions of how this special day came about, with no more than three known St Valentines in the history of the Catholic church.  The most documented legend states that Valentine was a third century Roman priest who went against Emperor … Read more

Honing Your Happiness Skills


Vanessa King is from Action for Happiness, an organisation that raises awareness of psychological well-being.  I was reading an article written by Vanessa over the weekend and am going to try some of the techniques/exercises that she recommends to increase happiness. Exercise 1 – Notice The Good Things Based on the theory that counting your blessings … Read more

My Thoughts on Channel 5’s “50 Shocking Facts About Diet and Exercise” – Aspartame and Trans Fats!

Aspartame caution!

I recently watched a bit of a scaremongering documentary on Channel 5 with my husband David, aptly entitled “50 Shocking Facts About Diet and Exercise”.  To me a lot of the content was common sense and again I concluded that a natural, balanced diet is the way forward and that a little bit of everything … Read more