5 Ways a Dog Can Reduce Stress

Do dogs reduce stress?

When you think of ways to reduce stress you usually think of yoga, pilates, deep breathing and meditation. These are all amazing ways to help reduce stress but owning a dog has many health benefits and helps relieve stress. Today we will take a look at the main benefits of owning a furry friend.

Pets keeping you heathy

1. Owning a dog makes you talk more
We don’t just mean talking to the dog, which we are sure you do a lot. We mean that when you are out walking people are more likely to approach you and start a conversation about your dog. If you live alone this is a great way to get out and talk to new people. There are plenty of Facebook groups that you can join that will hold regular dog meet ups.

2.  It helps encourage exercise
Dogs need to get out and be regularly walked. If you own a dog you are more likely to spend more time walking than someone who doesn’t own one. Exercise is good to reduce stress and therefore owning a dog helps to do this.

3. Dogs help make you more sociable
When you are out and about walking your dog, there is a higher chance that people will stop and talk to you. This can help you meet new people and help improve your confidence in social situations.

4. Pets improve your mood
If you have a bad day at work, there is nothing better than coming home to a loving dog who cant wait to see you. You know it will be hard to stay in a bad mood for long when your dog is so excited to see you and licks your face.

5. Dogs can help with loneliness
If you live on your own then having the company of a dog can really be a great thing. It gives you someone to talk to, and someone to cuddle up to at night who will want snuggles all night long.

So there you have it. Its official, owning a dog definitely helps you stay less stressed, gets you out of the house more and overall will enhance your life. I know that since owning my dog, I definitely get out and do more exercise. I have also met many new people that I now stop and chat to who I would have never chatted to before.


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