5 Tips for Achieving Results with ‘Stealth’ Weight Loss

What is Stealth Weight Loss?

If you don’t have a large amount of weight to shift, it’s often practical to make a few changes to your diet and/or exercise regime, and watch those pounds shift almost as if by magic.

We have devised a list of the most useful ways to get your stealth weight loss programme into action below. Bear in mind also that, once you gain new healthier habits, the weight you lose is more likely to stay off as a result compared to some of the more drastic options for shifting weight.

Reconfigure your food cupboard

Most of us barely give a thought to what’s in the food cupboard (as well as the refrigerator and the freezer). Other than to make sure there are enough supplies in there to last until the next shop, the food cupboard barely impinges on our daily thoughts.

We generally give even less thought to the proportions of different food types in there. So it’s well worth going through all of the food you currently have in the house. If you find mountains of sticky buns, large multipacks of crisps, and so on – there’s an opportunity right there to make change. You don’t need to Ban yourself from occasional treats, but lowering the availability of them in the house should also lower consumption

Factor hydration into your day at regular intervals

Drinking plenty of water with meals has the effect of making them more satisfying. Getting hydrated with water rather than sugary tea or a fizzy drink means fewer calories too.

Eat for nutrition only

Have a rule that you will only eat something that has good nutrition value. If what you’re about to eat is mainly process sugar, swap it for something natural that offer vitamins, dietary fibre, and so on. Oddly, it often seems that it’s only unhealthy foods that make us go back and overeat. Healthy snacks like pumpkin and sunflower seeds are delicious – but not in a way that you have to eat a whole bag. It’s as if the body recognises it is getting nutrition, and then switches off the hunger mechanism once it’s received this. Additionally, eating nutritious food in place of junk food is more than about just weight – and may even help improve your mood.*

Beware seasonal overeating

Okay, so we all know that Christmas is a big time when we’re more in danger of over-indulging. But there are summer diet hazards too. According to a recent survey on average people in the UK attend an average of five barbecues during the summer and it’s during occasions like these that many of us may pack away more calories than we realise. There are around 1,800 calories (and 118g of fat) in a typical barbecue plate (accompanied by drinks). So pile the salad high and keep the stack of meat low in order to avoid this potential calorie trap!

Eat for fullness

When selecting ingredients for your lunch and dinner meals, think about foods that make you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Have you ever noticed that a bowl of lentil soup can stave off hunger for hours afterwards while other things (which can have more calories) leave you peckish? Apparently it’s to do with energy density – in other words, big food with fewer calories.


* BBC future website – Is fast food making us depressed?


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