5 Reasons Why Your Skin is Making You Look Older Than You Are



5 reasons why your Skin is making you look older than you are

Your skin is one of the most obvious indicators of age and due to certain factors it can make you appear older than you actually are. There are several popular natural and cosmetic remedies for ageing skin, but is it possible to prevent or delay the signs of ageing and what are the causes of aging skin in the first place?

1. Sun exposure

Exposure to the sun is one of the most common causes of damage to the skin. So, if you’re a fan of catching rays and you don’t wear a high enough factor sun cream, your skin is likely to age quicker than the rest of your body.

The sun causes damage to the skin as it emits harmful UV rays. Prolonged sun exposure does not only burn the skin, it also causes it to look older as UV rays contribute to wrinkles and age spots. You can protect your skin from the sun by investing in a protective sun cream, SPF foundation, moisturiser and a sun hat. Following these steps will decrease the risk of contracting skin cancer and help your skin to maintain its healthy glow.

2. Smoking

Smoking ages the skin, as well as damaging almost every organ in the body. Smoking has been proven to create wrinkles and dry, dull skin, making you appear less healthy.

Giving up smoking will not only do your skin the world of good but it will save you money and reduce your risk of a host of serious health problems. If you need advice or help with quitting, see your doctor or practice nurse.

3. Cold Weather

You may notice that your skin looks dull and feels dry in the winter months, so make sure that you use an intensive moisturiser to protect your skin from the elements.

Exfoliation can also be very beneficial for the skin. Natural exfoliants include: olive oil mixed with sugar, oats and pumice.


Keep yourself fit!
Keep yourself fit!

4. Lack of Exercise

Exercise helps to make your skin look fresh, youthful and bright and also tones the muscles, which gives you better definition. Try to exercise for half an hour at least 4-5 times per week. Exercise also reduces stress, which can also cause the skin to look haggard, as well as improving circulation, flexibility and muscle tone.

5. Alcohol

Drinking alcohol can have an ageing effect on your skin as it dehydrates the body. If you do drink, stick to recommended daily guidelines and remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Using a moisturiser twice a day will also help to keep your skin hydrated.

There are hundreds of different remedies to protect the skin, roll back the years and tackle the signs of ageing, from cleansing and moisturising lotions and potions and eating specific foods (such as berries, leafy green vegetables and nuts).

Botox and dermal fillers are designed to reverse the signs of aging, but taking simple steps to protect your skin will help to keep it looking young and fresh for much longer. Cover up in the sun, drink plenty of water, avoid smoking and drinking regularly and moisturise on a regular basis, especially in the winter.

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