5 Great Ways To Boost Your Income Without Taking A Second Job

Many of us could do with a little extra income from time to time. This might be to cover an unexpected expense or to help save up funds for something special, like a holiday or a new car, for example. Doing some overtime or taking on a second, part-time job are common methods for boosting income, but these measures do not always fit in with other commitments, such as family life. Instead, it is better to look out for one-off ways of earning income that you can pick up and drop without worrying too much about contractual obligations that come with jobs. Whatever reason you have for wanting a few extra pounds to spend, take some time to consider these excellent and flexible money making methods.

Get Into Affiliate Marketing

This is the ideal money making idea for anyone who spends plenty of time online and who has an established social media presence. The principle behind affiliate marketing is that you use your presence in social media to influence others, just like an advertiser would. All that is needed is a Facebook account or a Twitter feed for you to get going. However, if you have your own blog and use more than one social medium, then this will help. The idea is that you might link to a product or service which, if bought by someone, leads to a commission for you. There are plenty of ways to get into affiliate marketing, including a network like Affiliate Window which is popular with people new to e-marketing.

Review Books And Music

Online reviews for books and music are in demand. Although many people do this simply for the fun of it, getting paid to do so is so much more rewarding. Try looking at a site like slicethepie.com where there are literally millions of music reviews and lots of people earning the occasional few extra pounds. A similar site worth looking at, if you prefer to review books, is onlinebookclub.org.

Take Part In A Paid Clinical Trial

Covance Elderly Volunteers

Clinical trials are highly regulated and many people do not realize that the development of new medical treatments is dependant on the availability of volunteers who are willing to take part in clinical studies so that researchers can assess a new treatment before submitting an application for licensing.

Clinical trial volunteers are initially given a very small dosage of the treatment being studied, and this dosage is increased as the trial progresses. Volunteers are monitored closely throughout the process by fully trained medical professionals.

Clinical trials are required whenever modifications have been made to existing drugs that are already available. They are also carried out on newly developed treatments.

Not only is taking part in a study a great way to earn some extra money, you are also contributing to the advancement of medical science. Although the study you take part in might not lead to a huge medical breakthrough, there is a chance that your participation could end up having a positive effect on the lives of thousands of people.

Clinical trials vary greatly in duration, some run for as little as one day, while others last for 30 days and require you to make several visits to the clinical research unit after this duration. Payments are made for the time you commit and your participation, and you can expect to earn around £100 per day. You will also be paid for any outpatient visits you need to make. Not all clinical trial companies will cover your travel expenses, but Covance does. Generally speaking, volunteers need to be in good health in order to be accepted onto a study, and they will need to pass an initial screening in order to be accepted to take part.

Do Short Term Jobs On Fiverr

Fiverr is a website where you can pitch little jobs that you can carry out at £5 a time. Typically, people who use Fiverr will provide a service that can be done entirely online, so that any costs involved are kept to a minimum. This might include things like checking someone’s CV, or providing an astrological reading. Other popular jobs that can be done on Fiverr include proofreading and accounting work, like ledger entry. If you have a professional skill that can be broken down to half an hour’s worth of work or so, then this might be for you.

Register With An Extras Agency

Acting might not be for everyone, but there is not much skill needed to be an extra. If you have a day or two to spare once in a while, then TV and film production companies may want you to play a background figure during a location shoot. Generally speaking, this work is sub-contracted through an agency so all you need to do is register with one in your locality. Jobs can be sporadic, but they are better paid than you might expect and a modest lunch is often provided if the shoot will take all day.

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