4 Steps to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Making the effort to monitor energy usage at home is not only great for the environment but your bank balance too. Here are four simple ways you can make your property more energy efficient.

1) Improve your insulation

Making sure your property is sufficiently insulated is a simple yet effective way to keep your home warm but to also lower your heating bills. As energy specialists, Energyscanner.com mention, insulating your property can make you significant savings on your household bills. The age and design of your property will determine which type of insulation is most suitable, however there are a variety of options available, from roof and loft, to cavity and solid wall insulation.

2) Replace your old boiler

If your current boiler is old and inefficient, it might be an idea to replace it with a newer model. Your boiler can be responsible for up to 55 per cent of your annual energy bills, so upgrading has the potential to save you big. Modern boilers are often more efficient due to the fact they are condensing. Designed with a large heat exchanger, this type of boiler is able to recover more heat and send cooler gases up the flue, making the models much more efficient. Switching to this style boiler could help dramatically cut your household costs.

3) Invest in efficient appliances and technology

Another way to reduce your bills could be to invest in efficient pieces of technology and appliances. For example, your fridge is using electricity 24 hours a day, so it might be worthwhile investing in one that is more energy-efficient. When shopping for appliances, look for the products that have the best efficiency ratings. You could also replace standard lightbulbs with LEDs. These use up to 90 per cent less energy than incandescent designs. Switching from regular bulbs to LEDs is a quick and simple way to reduce your electricity usage at home.

Energy efficient light bulbs
Energy efficient light bulbs

4) Get a smart meter

Like a traditional gas and electricity meter, a smart meter has the ability to measure and record your household’s energy usage. However, this piece of kit could help you gain more control over how much gas and electricity you use and therefore make you significant savings. With this gadget installed in your home, you will only be billed for the energy you actually use. This is because they can communicate wirelessly with your supplier, putting an end to estimated bills and eliminating the need for manual meter readings.

Taking these suggestions into consideration may help you make your home more energy efficient and bring your bills down as a result.

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