3 Ways To Help You Deal With Chronic Back Pain

Many people of all ages complain of chronic back pain. There are normal things in life that can end up giving people a bad back. The key is finding the correct ways to deal with the situation and help free you from pain. Check out the tips below if you want to learn how to deal with chronic back pain:

Managing back pain

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Myofascial Release

Don’t be scared by the big word, this isn’t a complicated thing. Myofascial release is basically a self-massaging technique. It involves applying pressure to trigger points until they essentially melt away. If you have back pain, there are a few ways you should self-massage yourself for pain relief.

Firstly, buy a foam roller, massage ball, or even a tennis ball will do. Then you search for tender points on your lower back. You’ll usually find a few, and you should lie on the ball so that it’s pressing on the trigger point. You must relax and keep it there until any pain fades away. Repeat this with other trigger points on the lower and upper back. If you’re using a foam roller, then place it under your back and roll on it. If you stumble across a tender spot, stay on it until the pain fades away. Foam rollers are also great for cracking your back and relieving some pain.

Get Suitable Chairs

A common reason people have back problems is because of their posture. Many of us will spend a lot of our day sitting down on a chair. Most of the time this is because we work at a desk, with a computer in front of us all day. This can cause all sorts of damage to our posture. For starters, we’ll likely be leaning forward a lot, which will lead to a rounding of the shoulders. This can give you horrible pain in your upper back between the shoulder blades. Secondly, we tend to stick our butts out a bit and arch the lower back while we lean forward. This causes pain for your lower back and messes up your hips. As a result of all this we end up with what’s called an anterior pelvic tilt. What this means is that there’s a lot of stress on your lower back.

So, a quick solution to prevent and cure back pain is to get better chairs to sit in. Things like high seat chairs that force you to have a good posture. If you’re sitting properly, with your back straight and shoulders back, you’re less likely to develop back pain. Changing your chairs is a simple way to help solve any postural problems you have.

The importance of staying supple
The importance of staying supple

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The Hips

Another cause of back pain is down to our hips. People with tight hips will often experience back pain. So, they’ll do loads of stretches for their back, but the pain remains. What you need to do is make sure you stretch out your hip flexors. There are a couple of easy stretches you can use to do this.

I’d also recommend some myofascial release on the hip flexors too. If you sort out your tight hips, then the back pain will soon fade away.


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