3 Renewable Energy Sources We Must Use!

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(Photo by Unsplash: https://goo.gl/VF3eex)

The burning of fossil fuels is the reason for so much of the world’s global warming. It’s a serious issue that needs to be fixed. The main way we can stop global warming is by using renewable energy sources. And, here are three sources the world must use to save our environment:

Wind Power

The first renewable energy source we’ll talk about is wind power. Yes, by harnessing the power of the wind, we can generate lots of energy. The best thing is, there are no fossil fuels involved at all. It’s totally clean and great for planet earth. In the last few years, you’re seeing more and more wind turbines popping up everywhere. They’re especially prominent in windy countries like Scotland. And, you often see wind farms close to the coast, where the wind is at its strongest.

It’s perhaps not as effective as some of the other sources on this list, but it’s still a great alternative energy source. The main drawback is that people can’t have wind turbines in their home. They’re way too big and expensive for individual use.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is arguably the most used renewable energy source all over the world. There are so many countries that can make great use of it. Places that get loads of hot weather are the best for utilizing this energy source. There are places like Morocco that are already providing solar energy for homes in the country. Then, you have newcomers like Mexico that are just getting started. In Mexico’s renewable energy conference, they made huge plans for solar energy usage. It’s said that it will grow by 521% in the coming year, which is quite astounding! Solar energy is great because it can be stored in batteries. This means that even when the sun goes down, there is energy stored up and ready to supply homes. Plus, no fossil fuels are burned, which is a big positive.

We’re starting to see more and more individuals using it as well. There are solar panels popping up on people’s houses up and down the country. It’s great to see people trying to be more energy efficient and help the environment.


The final energy source I’ll speak about is hydroelectricity. This is when you generate electricity through hydropower. To be more specific, you turn falling or flowing water into energy. Hydroelectricity is used more than any other renewable energy source. Countries are installing hydropower systems all over the place. There are small ones in rivers and streams, to help power local areas.

Then, you have huge ones by large bodies of water. Typically, they involve the construction of a dam, so can cost a lot of money to build. However, the amount of electricity you get is incredible. So, it’s worth investing in them, and governments are recognising this.

As humans, we have a responsibility to look after the world. All of the government’s need to get together and start using these energy sources. One day, we might live in a world where no fossil fuels are needed every again!


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