10 Of The Most Effective Uses For Coconut Oil

Coconut oil - a hidden gem!
Coconut oil – a hidden gem!

Coconut oil may have been given a bad press over the years due to it’s high content of saturated fats however the saturated fats in coconut oil like in  avocado are very beneficial to our health.  The shorter chain triglyceride fats are not simply stored away as fats as easily put to good use by the body.

Coconut oil is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant, it balances blood sugar, raises good cholesterol and boosts energy levels.  It also aids in the absorption of vitamins and minerals. I could go on and on.  No wander it has so many uses!

  1. On Insect Bites or Chicken Pox – dab with coconut oil to ease the itch and encourage healing.
  2. Makeup Remover – cleans and hydrates, easily removing oil based products like mascara.
  3. Shaving cream – helps the razor to glide whilst moisturizing the skin.
  4. Removes chewing gum out of hair or carpet.
  5. Athletes foot or Cold sore – anti-fungal and antiviral properties make it a perfect choice.  Add a few drops of oregano oil for more power and to speed healing.
  6. Acne – Dab it on to help control acne, gently fighting the bacteria behind the problem.
  7. Stretch marks – prevent and soften those pesky pregnancy marks by using coconut oil for soft and supple skin.
  8. Lip balm – hydrate and soften lips, particularly in the sun
  9. Yeast infections – fights fungal infections both internally and externally
  10. Conditioner – Strengthens and repairs hair, leave in for 10 minutes at least for best results.

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