10 Essentials for a Quality Home Gym

Gym memberships can get expensive and when you’ve got the choice of being locked in an expensive contract for another two years or going in alone and working out at home, the idea of a home gym can seem appealing. Or maybe you’re new the fitness and the thought of walking into a gym terrifies you.

Depending on your workout regime and experience level, it can be fairly easy to work out at home and reap the same rewards. However, it can become increasing harder to challenge yourself when working at home. As much as body weight workouts are great for toning muscles, it can become vital that you add weight in order to build muscle and strength. You don’t need to have loads of room to have a home gym, just a small spare room or an empty corner of the living room.

Resistance bands

You can buy resistance bands fairly cheaply and easily and they come in all different strengths and sizes. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, resistances bands can provide further adjust the intensity of your workouts by giving the band more or less slack. You can complete full body workouts with resistance bands while challenging your muscles with every move. These are also a great space saver meaning you can tidy them away nice and easily or pack them when you travel.

Medicine Ball

Similar to Resistance bands, a weighted medicine ball can provide you with a great – yet challenging – full body workout. Whether you want a cardio workout or weight training, a medicine ball can provide you with the resistance you need to effectively train and challenge your muscles with just one piece of equipment. Well-made medicine balls will absorb impact so are safe to use on your own at home. You don’t have to have a full set of weights your workouts, just invest in a good quality medicine ball and you’ll be able to create a great workout.

Adjustable Workout Bench

A great addition to a home gym is a workout bench. There are many workout benches on the market that require little assembly and can easily fold up in the corner so that you can tidy it away if you are short on space. Having a workout bench can allow you do complete a number of full body and targeted moves to challenge you through your routine. Get a bench that can adjust to become both an incline and decline bench so you can use it for even more moves.


You can buy commercial grade foam flooring pretty easily and it will make your home gym feel and look more professional. Aside from looking good, gym flooring will help protect your floor and equipment as well as reducing the sound level coming from your workouts (essential if you live in a flat).

Suspension Trainer

You can buy different brands of suspension trainers however TRK is the most well-known one. This kind of equipment takes up zero space and will fit in your home gym perfectly. A Suspension trainer will allow you to complete a full range of functional movements without any additional weight. Don’t be fooled through! You can use this suspension trainer to use your whole body weight against you, making an excellent way to challenge and grow your muscles.

Adjustable Dumbbells

These aren’t for those on a strict budget, but for those with a bit of cash to splash, adjustable dumbbells are great for a home gym. Having multiple weights in just one system, you can move your weight up and down as you please without having to search through your dumbbell collection. As you progress and improve, the likelihood of you needing the same weight as when you first started is very unlikely. You could end up saving money in the long run by purchasing a pair of adjustable dumbbells when you first set up your home gym.

Proper Technique

Ok, so it’s not a piece of equipment but it is probably the most important. Workout out at home can mean that you forget your form and become lazy with performing the right technique. Never sacrifice form for any workout. Always ensure you have the right technique before attempting to perform any exercise moves.

There’s a lot of equipment available for home gyms and although they are all useful, they are not all necessary for a great workout. Save yourself money and time by investing in your own gym.

Do you work out at home? What equipment do you use the most?

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