Rainforest Remedies – Medicinal Plants Of The Rainforests

Stevia plants Rainforest Remedies

The ancient wisdom of indigenous peoples, with their deep understanding of rainforest plants and their healing properties, has long been overlooked by the modern world. Yet, as the unparalleled potential of these natural remedies comes to light, a unique collaboration is unfolding. Drug companies, conservationists, indigenous communities, local shamans, and governments are joining forces to … Read more

A look at how gardens differ across the world

gardens across the world

Buildings abroad often have the wow factor, don’t day? But, have you ever stopped and looked at the difference of gardens across the globe? Possibly not.  With cultural differences rife worldwide, it’s wonderful to look at how our outdoor space changes in different locations. Here, we discover how gardens change in different societies. United Kingdom … Read more

Surprise! Tech Can Make You Healthy Too

prosthetic arm

There’s a notion that tech is part of the reason why we’re all so fat and sick. But just like any field of human endeavour involving technology, it’s not as simple as that. Understanding of the atom gave us nuclear bombs, but it also paved the way for limitless supplies of energy and an understanding … Read more

The 7 Insane Benefits Of Leading A Healthy Lifestyle (And Why You Can’t Be Without Them)

https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-holding-white-ceramic-coffee-cup-leaning-on-brown-wooden-table-179912/ We all hear so much about leading a healthy lifestyle. It seems to be always trending, which can often make you sceptical about actually making changes yourself. When you start to believe that being healthy is a gimmick, it can seem tainted in some way. However much the idea of cycling or juicing your … Read more